A single Erp System can provide solution to each department of a Company or Organization. Erp software helps in the all functional activities such as planning, management of resources and operations. Erp is a real time operating software and it can make better customer satisfaction. Consider our brain which control all the activities and functions of our body. Like that an Erp System can manage different departments of an organization.

An Erp solution providers like INI Technologies Pvt Ltd can maintain information and business processes for a variety of business functions such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Financials, Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  The ability of an Erp System to provide accurate information across all departments is what makes an Erp is so important to the Enterprises. Consider a company or organization that not using erp. When a customer submitted an order to this company it had to follow a paper trail from department to department with the details of the order. When it reach to the last department the  details are re-entered may times then it may prone to many errors. This manual process takes more time and man power.

With an Erp System we can make all process simple and you need to enter the order only at once and this information will available to all applications across different functions. The advantage of ERP is that people in different departments can see the same information, and update relevant information.

INI Technologies Pvt Ltd is providing ERP Solutions in Kochi, Kerala, India and many more countries. iBusiness suite is our Business Management Erp which can meet all of your enterprise needs. iBusiness Suite  ERP is having its different flavors to address industries like Production/Manufacturing, Trading (Whole Sales & Retail)  and Services Sectors.

Benefits of using Erp System.

1. Erp system helps to integrate all functions into a single system.
2. ERP will enable you to make better decisions, analysis, plans and management across your entire organization.
3. Erp provides a single interface to manage day to day routine activities.
4. Erp system is more secure because information and data is not shared by unauthorized users.
5. Erp Systems can be integrate with E-Commerce.

In prior to these advantages INI Technologies supporting team will ready to make any changes to the Erp that have any modification related to your Business changes.

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