healthcare erp software in India

              Healthcare Management or Health systems Management is defined as the leadership, administration or management of Hospitals, Healthcare systems,Private Practitioners, Pharmacy, and Clinical Laboratories. This means management at all levels of a Healthcare System. Management of a single institution(Hospital) also referred to as Healthcare Management or Health Administration. When a Healthcare system work properly then the people will get what they expected of them and right people are in the right position, resources are using properly and efficiently and all departments are working for a common target.

          Hospital administrators are the people who already have a clinical background and they act as the centralized control of the system. But its very difficult to manage all things through papers, writings and softwares like spread sheet, word etc. In this phase they need a software which can control all of their functional activities and people. There are many applications in healthcare – on both the clinical and administrative sides – that require data integration, real-time updates and data efficiency. INI Technologies introduce iHealth 24*7 which is a Hospital Erp Software in India. This Erp is a complete solution for all of your Healthcare System problems. INI’s Health 24*7 specially designed for organizations which are in Healthcare System and it can manage all of your functional activities in an expert manner.

        By using Healthcare Erp Software you can make a smooth work flow in your organization starting from patient registration to pharmacy, room allocation, follow up-supports etc. This software provides excellent services to patients. Its a user friendly, dynamic software that can be managed by non IT professionals. With these ease of use all employees can effectively work with the system and there by improving the patients satisfaction. As well as iHealth 24*7 manage the expenses, revenue, and quality. This will improve the whole organization growth.

Advantages of Using Hospital Erp Softwrae(iHealth 24*7)

1. An Erp system can serve as a inventory Management Software Solution.

2. It enables better financial control over operations.

3. It provide the seamless flow of information and total control over the supply chain.

4. This Erp System is Scalable, you can add or remove Modules as per the Business change arises.

5. Our supporting Team is capable of providing support as your requirements.

Implement a Health care Erp in your organization and feel the difference.

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