Trading erp software in India

                  Trading companies produce different types of products which are sold to consumers for their business or government purposes. For delivering products to consumers, Trading companies buy some amount of products, they keep its records or maintaining a stock and deliver their products to customers. In the business process of Trading companies, importers or wholesalers maintain a stock and deliver products to shops or customers. Customers buy products from trading companies for making another products. Thus we can say that trading companies connects buyers and sellers within the same or different countries. These companies keep records for all of their import and export procedures.

We can arrange the activities of Trading companies as follows.

1. Identify the supplier who can supply large capacity of products with affordable price.

2. Financing and assurance of payment to the supplier-exporter.

3. Managing logistics and Transport.

4. Managing the distribution and sale.

            In trading companies its very difficult to track all records in spread sheets or other software. Because it will take long time to update and manage. So now a days Trading companies using Trading Erp Software for tracking their activities. Lots of Erp solution providers are available today and they have ready made erp software for industry needs. These companies are ready to make customization in their products according to customers needs.

         INI technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Erp solution Providers in India and offer Erp software for Business. “iBusiness Suite TM” which is a Trading Erp software in India offer by INI Technologies. This is a core trading erp software which can give solutions for all your trading business activities such as stores, Purchase, Inventory management, Stock Transfers, Billing and Collections, HR, and Financials etc. Whether you are a wholesaler or retailer, this erp will act as a centralized application to support your activities.

These are the key benefits of using Erp Software for Trading Industry.

1. Better CRM – Erp System improves Customer satisfaction and there by improve the business.

2. Better supply Chain – Erp system helps you to improve the procurement, inventory, demand forecasting, etc. There by your supply chain management become more responsive.

3. Scalability – This feature allows you to add or remove extra modules to the Erp system according to the business changes.

4.Reduced Complexity – The most important advantage of using an Erp system is that it reduces the business complexity and introduces a smooth work flow.

          The above are the some of the benefits of Erp system. Now a days Erp system became the base or fundamental thing of an Industry for its seamless working.

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Anu. M.S