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How does an Erp Software Solution Work?

We all know the functions of an Erp as well as its very difficult to manage an organization or a company without Erp. Erp System makes our daily office activities simple. Also, it increases the efficiency and reliability.

Now we are going to discuss about How does an Erp System Work?

A company or organization has various departments, they use various types of data and require various computerized functions. But the Erp System uses the same database throughout the company for different functions. In other words, we can say ERP systems integrate all data and processes of an organization into a unified system. ERP systems track business resources—cash, raw materials, production capacity—and the status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders, and payroll.

How Erp Software Solutions can transform your business?

You need to think about some essential factors that need to run a business such as inventory, order management, accounting, human resources and customer relationship management (CRM). Erp system integrates these all process into a single system and streamline the every process of an organization.

Brief History of Erp.

Erp Software Solutions in India.

The term Erp was formulated in 1990’s by Gartner. Software Engineers developed programs to manage inventory, reconcile balances, and report on the status. By 1970’s they created software for material Requirements Planning (MRP). By 1980’s more manufacturing process are developed. In the 1980s, MRP grew to envelop more manufacturing processes, known as MRP-II.
By 1990, these systems expanded which includes inventory control and other operational process. It also includes other back office functions like accounting and human resources.

Today Erp grew like it can handle front office functions such as sales, marketing and e-commerce. With these product advancements companies from wholesale distribution to e-commerce use Erp software Solutions. Moreover, high and small industries rapidly using the erp system. Cloud computing has helped to speed up its growth. Cloud based Erp Solution make this software more affordable, easier to implement and manage.

As a result wide range of companies from various industries shift to the Cloud Erp System.

Business Value of Erp

Erp helps employees to do their work more efficiently and accurately without any barriers between the different business units.

  1. Erp System gives real time view of Data.
  2. It Improves financial submissions and reduces risk.
  3. Erp System automates the core business process.
  4. Erp Solution helps to enhance the customer service.

INI Technologies offer next generation Erp Software Solutions in India. INI ERP Software Solutions meets all the process in any organization whether it is Small, Medium or Large with integrated Financials. It is powered by effective work flow and runs as core centralized application which uses browser as user interface.

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Everything You need to Know about Erp Software Solutions in India.

Erp software solutions in India

     We would be discussing in this article everything that you need to know about Erp Software Solutions in India.    

    Long before Erp, organization or company  used papers to write or record everything about their business activity.

Lets take an example..

Consider I am working in a company named “X” which is an online web solution provider. Then we get an order from a client named “A” to companies mail id by mentioning about their requirement and ask for cost estimation. We do all the calculation and send them a mail as a reply. The client may ask for some changes. Then we need to send a mail again, the whole process is starting again. Finally, we got the project. Consider a situation arise like that just before the delivery the client ask again for some changes and ask you to remove the earlier changes.

Then what we Do? The whole team is suppressed and need to start the process again which includes developer tasks, designer, front-end, back-end etc.

If we used Erp in this place which allow us to track user needs on the go. Erp software combined the data of separate applications. Erp software connects to real-time data which bring unique data and vendor solutions. Also Erp Software helps to integrate all the functions into a single system.

What are the things we have to check before implementing an Erp Software?

1. Check if your Erp vendor is certified or Not. Always choose a certified vendor.
2. Check your Erp software meets all of your business needs.
3. Check your Erp Software contains all modules that you needs for your business activities.
4. You have to also check the Scope of your Erp Software.
5. Your Erp Software should be Scalable, then only you can add or remove new modules as
your business change arises.

INI Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading software development company which providing Erp Software Solutions in India. It is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company. It has been set up to provide quality information technology solutions and services in both the domestic and international markets.

Erp Software can improve quality and efficiency of your business. By using Erp software management can make decisions faster with fewer errors. We all know in today’s world information runs the business and we have to work with numerous amount of data with the arrival of technologies. So we have to think about the future of using this real time data to drive our business success. That’s why we are using Erp Software Solutions.

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Erp Solutions in Kochi, Kerala, India.



A single Erp System can provide solution to each department of a Company or Organization. Erp software helps in the all functional activities such as planning, management of resources and operations. Erp is a real time operating software and it can make better customer satisfaction. Consider our brain which control all the activities and functions of our body. Like that an Erp System can manage different departments of an organization.

An Erp solution providers like INI Technologies Pvt Ltd can maintain information and business processes for a variety of business functions such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Financials, Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  The ability of an Erp System to provide accurate information across all departments is what makes an Erp is so important to the Enterprises. Consider a company or organization that not using erp. When a customer submitted an order to this company it had to follow a paper trail from department to department with the details of the order. When it reach to the last department the  details are re-entered may times then it may prone to many errors. This manual process takes more time and man power.

With an Erp System we can make all process simple and you need to enter the order only at once and this information will available to all applications across different functions. The advantage of ERP is that people in different departments can see the same information, and update relevant information.

INI Technologies Pvt Ltd is providing ERP Solutions in Kochi, Kerala, India and many more countries. iBusiness suite is our Business Management Erp which can meet all of your enterprise needs. iBusiness Suite  ERP is having its different flavors to address industries like Production/Manufacturing, Trading (Whole Sales & Retail)  and Services Sectors.

Benefits of using Erp System.

1. Erp system helps to integrate all functions into a single system.
2. ERP will enable you to make better decisions, analysis, plans and management across your entire organization.
3. Erp provides a single interface to manage day to day routine activities.
4. Erp system is more secure because information and data is not shared by unauthorized users.
5. Erp Systems can be integrate with E-Commerce.

In prior to these advantages INI Technologies supporting team will ready to make any changes to the Erp that have any modification related to your Business changes.

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Healthcare Erp Software in India


healthcare erp software in India

              Healthcare Management or Health systems Management is defined as the leadership, administration or management of Hospitals, Healthcare systems,Private Practitioners, Pharmacy, and Clinical Laboratories. This means management at all levels of a Healthcare System. Management of a single institution(Hospital) also referred to as Healthcare Management or Health Administration. When a Healthcare system work properly then the people will get what they expected of them and right people are in the right position, resources are using properly and efficiently and all departments are working for a common target.

          Hospital administrators are the people who already have a clinical background and they act as the centralized control of the system. But its very difficult to manage all things through papers, writings and softwares like spread sheet, word etc. In this phase they need a software which can control all of their functional activities and people. There are many applications in healthcare – on both the clinical and administrative sides – that require data integration, real-time updates and data efficiency. INI Technologies introduce iHealth 24*7 which is a Hospital Erp Software in India. This Erp is a complete solution for all of your Healthcare System problems. INI’s Health 24*7 specially designed for organizations which are in Healthcare System and it can manage all of your functional activities in an expert manner.

        By using Healthcare Erp Software you can make a smooth work flow in your organization starting from patient registration to pharmacy, room allocation, follow up-supports etc. This software provides excellent services to patients. Its a user friendly, dynamic software that can be managed by non IT professionals. With these ease of use all employees can effectively work with the system and there by improving the patients satisfaction. As well as iHealth 24*7 manage the expenses, revenue, and quality. This will improve the whole organization growth.

Advantages of Using Hospital Erp Softwrae(iHealth 24*7)

1. An Erp system can serve as a inventory Management Software Solution.

2. It enables better financial control over operations.

3. It provide the seamless flow of information and total control over the supply chain.

4. This Erp System is Scalable, you can add or remove Modules as per the Business change arises.

5. Our supporting Team is capable of providing support as your requirements.

Implement a Health care Erp in your organization and feel the difference.

Buy Healthcare Erp Software.



Trading Erp Software in India

Trading erp software in India

                  Trading companies produce different types of products which are sold to consumers for their business or government purposes. For delivering products to consumers, Trading companies buy some amount of products, they keep its records or maintaining a stock and deliver their products to customers. In the business process of Trading companies, importers or wholesalers maintain a stock and deliver products to shops or customers. Customers buy products from trading companies for making another products. Thus we can say that trading companies connects buyers and sellers within the same or different countries. These companies keep records for all of their import and export procedures.

We can arrange the activities of Trading companies as follows.

1. Identify the supplier who can supply large capacity of products with affordable price.

2. Financing and assurance of payment to the supplier-exporter.

3. Managing logistics and Transport.

4. Managing the distribution and sale.

            In trading companies its very difficult to track all records in spread sheets or other software. Because it will take long time to update and manage. So now a days Trading companies using Trading Erp Software for tracking their activities. Lots of Erp solution providers are available today and they have ready made erp software for industry needs. These companies are ready to make customization in their products according to customers needs.

         INI technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Erp solution Providers in India and offer Erp software for Business. “iBusiness Suite TM” which is a Trading Erp software in India offer by INI Technologies. This is a core trading erp software which can give solutions for all your trading business activities such as stores, Purchase, Inventory management, Stock Transfers, Billing and Collections, HR, and Financials etc. Whether you are a wholesaler or retailer, this erp will act as a centralized application to support your activities.

These are the key benefits of using Erp Software for Trading Industry.

1. Better CRM – Erp System improves Customer satisfaction and there by improve the business.

2. Better supply Chain – Erp system helps you to improve the procurement, inventory, demand forecasting, etc. There by your supply chain management become more responsive.

3. Scalability – This feature allows you to add or remove extra modules to the Erp system according to the business changes.

4.Reduced Complexity – The most important advantage of using an Erp system is that it reduces the business complexity and introduces a smooth work flow.

          The above are the some of the benefits of Erp system. Now a days Erp system became the base or fundamental thing of an Industry for its seamless working.

BUY iBusiness Suite TM – Trading Erp

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ERP Solutions in India

erp-solutions in India

Well, a lot of business owners starting from the mid range don‘t even know about ERP’s and how it can be helpful in a lot of ways that consumes their valuable time. They still use spreadsheets to manage from top to the bottom. I think it’s time to move on with the time. Erp’s are much easier, accessible, powerful, flexible, secure way of managing your business from the very first step to the very end.

So what is this ERP?

ERP means Enterprise Resources Planning Software which helps you to manage every possible area of your business like for eg: from the quality of raw material to the customer relations. Yes, ERPS now can handle each and every bit of your business. ERPS can be customized according to your business needs. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is ERP can manage it. In India, one of the leading ERP Solution in India is the INI Technologies. The overall view and accountability of your company can be handled without any possibility of manual duplication or unauthorized modifications. 

One of the important factor that makes ERPS a part of your business is the predefined rules on you ERP to work according to your company. Predefined rules give the advantage of less cost of administration, time-saving which is very important for a business.

What are the advantages of using Erp?

Control over your Business: The greater control over your business is a big advantage that you get by using ERPS. It gives a total 360-degree view over your each and every bit of your business. All this gives an exact idea about what is going on in your company.

Process Simplification: Simplification is basically the outcome of using ERP’s. It is better to handle and know everything on your screen rather than doing everything manually. The flow of work between different departments will get simplified and the transparency will be higher. All this gives a strong foundation for your business. This will help you in the future projects and plans.

Time Saving: As the process gets simplified obviously you save a lot of time. For employees, the administration time will get decreased and then this makes it easy and the outcome of that is accuracy and transparency in the business.

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